Applying Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in an Elevator Pitch

Posted by mjmedlock on May 8, 2019 in business startups |

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence provides an excellent framework for an elevator pitch. Your elevator pitch is a short, persuasive speech that helps you get an appointment with a decision-maker. It must be compelling because these decision-makers whether they are investors, bankers or purchasing managers, are faced daily with a large number of interesting opportunities. It has to be short because these are busy people who appreciate people who respect their time constraints.


These people are busy. Longwinded introductions such as stories won’t grab their attention. PR stunts are likely to annoy them. You’ll have to find a way such as an interesting fact, or something that connects to their current agenda to get their attention.


Talk about the need for your product. This will be customer pain points that your product either reduces or eliminates. It could be the application of new technology to address a problem in a better way. Quickly state the need and then illustrate the need with an example to show that it is real. Quantifying the size of the need, in other words potential market size, will also be helpful.


Propose a way of meeting this need. This is of course your company’s product. Tell them how it solves the problem. If possible provide some examples of any successes you have had.


Tell them of how the world will be better if the market adopts your solution. You could also show them how the world will be a poorer place without your solution. Alternatively, you could do both. Although in reality you probably won’t have time.


Prompt them to take action. In this context it is getting a commitment for a lengthier meeting soon. The important words are commitment and soon.

Final thoughts

Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence won’t guarantee that you get that all important sales or investment meeting, but it will increase your odds. It’s worth your while investing time developing your pitch and practicing it until it is fluid and natural. This means that you can bring it out whenever a surprise opportunity presents itself. After all, fortune favours the prepared.

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